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This is amazing my dude, please continue. I'll give you money when I can. My only issue, albeit a small one, is that you have to replay everything to get the different endings, and scrolling through the same dialogs takes you out of it a little. Little things like a new line of dialog that you can't automatically skip that tells you something new would be refreshing. Thats my only issue and it's really small really because this is perrrrfect and i love it so much

everything about this is SPECTACULAR! I absolutely cannot wait for more!!

Really like it so far, but, as a recommendation, I'd use a version without vocals for the song that plays near the end of the Snake story. It's pretty distracting, especially if you understand Russian.

I really like that song!  It's catchy!  What's it called and who's the artist?

I liked that song too! He credits it if you check the title screen... Its by Utro and the song is “Незнакомая сила”’s a YouTube link: 


Thanks!  Sorry I have a tendency to miss the obvious... lol


Holy shit!  There's a whole album and it all makes my ears sploosh!  Thanks Parkercatherine and Sonoshee!!

i have to really pin point something. When you select the snake and go to the Limelight Club hotel, a cat appears and asks you to enter the opposite room. When you enter the roo, a carpet appears, " The Man In The Rug". Actually that carpet is a Prayer Mat used by muslims to offer prayer. The design on the carpet shows the Holy Mosque with the Kaaba and two minarets on its back. This Holy Mosque is visited by millions of muslims every year for pilgrimage. It's a very peaceful and comforting place. Could you give your story for using the prayer mat in the game? 

BUt in the above picture, the game camera goes to the lower side of the rug, which is just a design of flowers and trees. I have a prayer rug which almost looks liks this.


The Man in the Rug is taken from a prayer mat of mine as well, I thought the tree in the bottom with the branches looked a lot like a face. You can rest assured that I didn't mean any offense as I'm Muslim myself.


Love it so far! The visuals are mesmerizing.


Very interesting visuals, really enjoyed that.

Don´t stop!

With this first story played, the game offers an art style and story that pull you into this surreal world. Even though there aren't a lot of characters in this story yet, the ones you meet feel real and distinct from each other.  Plus some fitting music and you got me hooked for the full game! Good job so far!

I lived! I don't know how but I LIVED.

This is absolutely brilliant.

I only saw markiplier play a very short run to introduce me, but DAMN SON! This art style is legitmately creepy AF when I started playinh! I'm looking forward to the rest of this, and whatever else you have planned! This is the first game where I actually bought under the 'Name your own price', and I'd do it 10x over... for a complete game. Good work man, keep it up!

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For anyone thinking about recording this game, you may need to increase your bitrate! 1 Bit graphics are very demanding on the bitrate, especially when they're this volatile, and may end up blurry with your ordinary settings.

Would love to see some dev logs or insight into the creation of it! It has a wonderful style that makes me so curious as to how it's made. 

Keep doin' what you're doin', Sonoshee!

Edit: You remind me a lot of Lucas Pope.

Honestly, what an amazing looking game! The style is mesmerizing! It's really interesting and unique and I can't wait to play the other levels! Made a video of dying a few times before living, hope you enjoy! 

I have no idea how you're doing this but I beg of you, never stop.

Hi! Thanks for making this game, I made you a video

Love the overall aesthetic and feel of the game, the story is so surreal that I can't help but be intrigued for what's to come.

No idea why YouTube is making some scenes blurry, but I enjoyed how amazingly weird this was. Sorry I didn't realize there were multiple endings until after recording.

i played this game this game for my channel the other day and i am absolutly impressed by it. there is so much to there game and i enjoy how open-ended it is

This game has such a good atmosphere. I was so intrigued the second I saw it. Everything has an odd ethereal feel in this game and I love the effects so much. While the endings at this point are slightly confusing and leave a lot of unanswered questions (because it's not done yet,) part of me enjoys their open-ended-ness  that allows you to come up with your own ideas. My only complaint with this game so far is that sometimes I didn't know where to click (not for long though.) I wouldn't let that stop anyone from playing this game, it's a delightful experience in a delightfully odd way that everyone should enjoy. I'm excited for what comes next.

this is exactly the kind of game i want to make. the meeting with the 2nd noid man in the club is a close cousin of the kind of dramatic feeling i want to recreate. my mind melds with stories like this. i feel the closest to myself and unashamed for who i am

Epic trippy text based adventure I highly recommend anyone play this it's just fantastic mad respect to the person who made this would drink there brain


holy fucking shit, i just finished recording a video and will be uploading soon but this is fucking beautiful and absolutely impressive, i am ver excited for the full release


Jeez, calm down man.

The game has a very strange but quirky story and atmosphere. I love the artstyle. How things move so smoothly and the black and white glitchy visuals makes it somewhat appealing to look at. I would have rated this game already, but I'm sticking around for the full release to review the complete experience of what this surreal game has to offer.

I really liked this game, the visuals were crazy and fun. But the highlight for me was the music, it was awesome, I was dancing the night away while I played. A great effort for the first chapter of a series. Well done developer, I look forward to playing more of this game and learning more about the story as it is developed.

Such a weird mix of abstract creep and abstract humor. I really enjoyed the design style, and the monochrome, morphing art added to the unsettling feel the game had. I'm interested in seeing how these stories all connect, and what else is in store for us.

Oh, god. That first time you see the images morph to change the facial expression is so disconcerting.

The Linux build only has a 32bit binary.  It might improve compatibility with modern Linux distributions to offer a 64bit binary instead (or in addition).

I added both versions now. Thanks for the heads-up!

Drunk let's play and confusing thoughts on the game, and I'm not confused just because I'm drunk... I swear!

I loved the music in the game :D It also looks very different than anything I have played.

of course it was confusing but I hope that will become clearer with the future story updates :))

I tried to play this on Linux (Ubuntu specifically) but it didn't open.

I haven't tested the Linux/MacOS builds yet, but in the meantime I think Wine + Windows build should work

I downloaded the MacOS one instead, and that one worked. And nice game, though.

Maybe the binary does not have the execute file permission? (Check file properties in the file manager.)

Well, i don't understand what happened, but it sure was neat.

Wow. This game is so rad. Loved the aeshtetic, the writing, the feel. Can't wait to see future chapters.

Critters for sale- 1:43 i loved the idea of the game. the ending blown my mind away i cant wait for the next ep! i was wondering when is the next one? 

Amazing game! I just want to know: will the whole game be free once the other episodes are done? or will they end up being paid?


I wish I could tell you, but I'm thinking maybe keep it free on and paid on Steam for anyone who wants to support me.

This was so cool!! I cant wait for the rest of the short stories!! I'll be making videos for all of them :D!!

what an awesome experience. Totally crazy and trippy but interesting in every way! 


The game blew my mind. By the end of the video... Me: WTF just happened.

Hence the title.


This game was odd to the highest of the what the fuck factor and I love it. II hope to see the rest of the game developed it was great.

This was the second game I played

Your Michael Jackson voice cracked me up

Well thank you very much

A very interesting game. While it wasn't too creepy, I found it more compelling story wise.

Here's my channel if you want to see other games I played.

This was one hell of a game to play, completely creeped me out and made me feel uneasy all the way through but kept me glued to the monitor...........except when i got scared lol



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