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Critters for Sale is a compilation of 5 short stories: Snake, Goat, Monkey, Dragon, and Spider. All of which occur in different eras and locations, touching on themes like time travel, black magic, and immortality.


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Critters for Sale (Windows - 64bit) 595 MB
Critters for Sale (Windows - 32bit) 593 MB
Critters for Sale (Linux) 634 MB

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Love it. Real sharp aesthetics

This is a great game! I really enjoyed playing it through. I am a big fan of the aesthetics, and a mysterious Lynch-like lore. Looking forward to more games from you!

Hi, I would like to translate your game to italian, can you give me some contact?


looks cool, one of my favorite artsyles. But dunno if gonna commit to playing it though. reminds me off the game called veiled.

I've gotten to see a little of the game and it's fascinating. Will there be a Mac version some time? I'd love to experience the whole game!

emulate windows or use winehq


An experience I'll never forget.

First laid eyes on this game by mere chance about a month ago and it quickly became a personal favorite fixation ever since. At first I thought the unique visual style and the episodic format would be my favorite parts, but I wasn't ready for how good the writing and the soundtrack turned out to be. Presentation and worldbuilding are seriously impressive in this one, can't wait to see what else this universe has in store for us.

Late one night, in a haze, I donated to this game. I don't know how much I donated, maybe a few dollars? I truly don't know. But I was captivated by everything the game had to offer, and now I am so happy with how the game has turned out. Fantastic work.

hello, i'd love to help with translations if needed! 


I'm not a fan of the point and click genre but I really enjoyed Critters for Sale.  I bought it on a whim when I heard Stefan Burnett/Death Grips references.  Definitely exceeded my expectations.


This is incredible, however there was previously a mac beta available for download, can you make this visible again please?

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ok, completely aside from the BEAUTIFUL aesthetics, themes, and style choices... this game's sense of humor gets me so good. the bike horn when sergei pushes the button. the dickhead baboon. michael jackson is there. the martian just, like, as a whole (far and away favorite character btw. maybe next to malcolm from the same critter. he's just a good pal)

edit: meant to add that I really appreciated the cop-out option for the casino. I'm disabled and I needed it


I've compiled the complete collection of tracks used for this game here:





This looks cool, is there going to be a Mac version?


This is absolutely incredible, simply the best type of visual pollution.


Loving this vibe, white noise-induced insanity! :)

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Such a great aesthetic. It's refreshing to see a new take on visual novels.

I bought the game of course but besides that, I have to say that the demo that I played a few years back gave me a reason to get back into game development as an artistic medium. Finally during quarantine I picked it up and made a game with similar visual style!

You never know the impact you have in the world, you surely inspired me! Who knows what other things this game may have affected. It's amazing how someone's art impacts real people lives anywhere in the world.

Good stuff.


That's awesome! I'm happy to hear that. Wish you best of luck!

Where is Sonoshee nowadays 


This ended up being way creepier then I expected, good use of a real life creep lmao

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Which engine did you make this game on?


Hey man, I'm trying to get in contact with you. Are you planning on translating the game? Me and a few friends are offering help with brazillian portuguese for free. Hit me up at pedrovilardo@hotmail.com if you feel interested


que massa ver o pessoal brasileiro engajado em trazer essa obra prima pro brasil! :D


Loved it, can't wait for more!


uh love the crunchy 1 bit aesthetic a lot!


Fascinating, I want to see more of this weird world.


really cool game. Got me really invested in the lore, definitely will get the other episodes to learn more about this bizzarre world



I like this

Really looking forward to the full release!


certainly an interesting game, had fun meeting michael jackson



I'm so excited for the full game. Critters For Sale is weird and bizarre. It also manages to be funny and disturbing at the same time. 


just made a video on snake story

The mesemerising blend of sinister and grainy visuals and unhinged writing that's fired from the hip tells me that a demon coded this using either Disunity or Surreal Engine. It makes up for the lack of intricate narrative design and writing with a clever aesthetic that makes you laugh and interface elements that just feel good to click. Each story is short enough to avoid being too annoying to play them each twice and see the possible paths. Absolutely noided experience that I'm looking forward to continue following. 


Still excited for more of this, it's one of my favourite ongoing projects!


You are a underappreciated artist, i only pray for you to create more of this masterpiece and you getting noticed.

I am glad it happened


I really didn't expect Stefan Burnett in this, but it was gorgeous. It wasn't even funny or humorous, it was just sad, dark, and a bit humorous, mostly uncanny in a good way. All of the scariest parts were unexpected and didn't try too hard to be. The graphics were astonishingly interesting, the changing colors, black and white colors and the TV glitch effect was great. It is the good kind of weird, i really liked it and would like to wait for most of it to be released.


MC Ride lol




Gorgeous game, awesome music. This is an experience


this game is really awesome, i like the art games which they give the game a nice touches, i speak arabic for sure, Thank you for Creating it


This is seriously the best game i've played in my entire life


this is fuckin bizarre

love it

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